Samantha Ginn Inclusion Specialist


Improv for All

A six-week course exploring traditional improv techniques with people with developmental challenges to build connection, language development, and creativity

Neurodiverse Productions

A three-week camp incorporating neurodiverse actors, typical peers, and professional teaching artists in a radically inclusive production

Mainstage Integration

A custom-designed acting intensive giving motivated neurodiverse actors access to roles in a professional mainstage show

Inclusion Consulting

Staff trainings, sensory-friendly productions, and guiding theatres on how to support their neurodiverse actors


Samantha Ginn

Hi, I am Sam. Sam I am. I have not tried green eggs, but I do love ham. As a theatermaker and pun lover, I am passionate about making the world a better place through laughter and inclusion.

I believe every single person learns life lessons through improv and theater arts. My mission is to create a place in the spotlight for neurodiverse actors.

When collaborating with me, everyone has a moment to shine and is accepted for their authenticity. So I'll see you on stage. Let's see what happens when we say, "yes, and" in your theater.

Mission: Possible. 

My Peeps


Here are some quality people I am lucky enough to know. Thanks for saying nice things about me, friends! 


Sam makes acting educational, inclusive, and fun.  She always creates an environment that makes me feel safe to express my perspectives and creativity.  She has a way of connecting with actors that makes them feel valued and present.  Her instructions and feedback during rehearsals have helped me make tremendous progress in my acting. I love acting because of her!

Rachel Ford
Actress, Mainstage Players

Sam Ginn is the best. She has inspired me to become an actress because she makes it so fun and lights me up with confidence. I would do anything for Sam Ginn.

Kristianne Kurner

Artistic Director, New Village Arts Theater

Samantha Ginn is the finest teaching artist I have ever worked with. The personal attention she shares with each student is unmatched. Everyone she works with becomes a better artist, a better human, and HAS FUN!

Andrea Moriarty

Author, Radical Inclusion

Sam loves two things fervently: people and theater. She is gifted at passing her craft on to others. Her enthusiasm for including everyone on stage is irresistible.

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